Top 5 Best Page Titles for Beauty Bloggers

Are you interested in starting your own beauty blog via Blogger or WordPress but you do not know where to start? Let this article guide you towards finding the more common, popular and widespread page titles in the online beauty community.

1. Blogging about one’s Personal Life is not for everyone but some people are okay with it. If you’re not too camera shy and if you want to meet, greet and make new friends, having a page on your blog about your “Personal Life” might be a good idea. You can write about your friends, family, goals, disappointments and ups and downs. Everyone is different so be sure that your comfortable with the whole world seeing whatever you write.

2. Makeup Tutorials are rampant and widespread and there are tutorials on the net for just about everything, ranging from basic eyebrow trimming tutorials to scary death-like special effects. And since there is a large variety of makeup tutorials you should probably include subcategories and drop-down menus in the navigation menu of your website. For example:

Makeup Tutorials

-Basic Makeup Tutorials

-Back to School Looks

-Holiday Makeup Looks

3. Reviews are popular and they can cover just about everything. Pictures are really important when you do these and swatches are a must have. You can always get new readers through Google image searches so be sure that your titles are correct and use the “alt” tags whenever you can. The positioning of your pages are up to you but it’s usually good to organize your pages according to their importance starting from left to right. If you are only going to be reviewing nail polishes and nothing else it might be good to create a “Nail Polish Reviews” page instead of the general “Makeup Reviews” one. But if you are going to be reviewing everything under the sun, create a “Makeup Reviews” page and include subcategories and drop-down menus as described above.

4. Giveaways have become an everyday occurrence in the online beauty community. To take advantage of this you will want to create a page dedicated to your contests, promotions and friendly freebies. You can also write about the giveaways you’ve joined so your readers will see your site as a resource for the latest stuff.

5. “Uncategorised”, “Miscellaneous” and “Other” page menus are used to include everything not covered in the rest of your page menus. If you already have five to six page menus and you are running out of space in your navigation bar, create a page titled Uncategorized, Miscellaneous, Other, etc.

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