January 26, 2021

Was This Poker Player’s Luck Too Good to Be True?

Two professional poker players encounter off at a casino in suburban Sacramento. A single is a round-faced local dude with a baseball cap pulled down to his eyebrows. The other is a glamorous young sharp from Las Vegas who moonlights as an actress and design.

A one hand that Mike Postle and Marle Cordeiro played that night—September 21, 2019—turned into a controversy that roiled the insular poker world, building several lawsuits, and boosting questions about honesty, loyalty, and the unwritten rules of modern day poker.

The activity was livestreamed to a modest audience of gambling enthusiasts, a broadcast that was cohosted by a Sacramento player named Veronica Brill. She had been viewing Postle tear through all comers at Stone’s Gambling Hall for months, and Brill had come to feel that Postle’s luck was much too great to be real. He frequently built unorthodox possibilities as the perform unfolded, decisions that the prevailing concept of significant-end poker viewed as improper or silly or at minimum suboptimal. And but he kept winning.

In Brill’s head, the possibility experienced to be thought of: Was Postle dishonest? As she watched him make nonetheless a different unusual selection versus Cordeiro that night, Brill could not maintain her tongue. “It isn’t going to make perception,” she advised the livestream audience. “It’s like he is familiar with. It doesn’t make perception. It can be bizarre.”

Author Brendan Koerner grew to become obsessed with this tale, not mainly because it presented neat lessons about suitable and mistaken, dishonest and honesty, but specifically due to the fact it exposed how the genuine life of people today like Postle and Brill can collide in surprising and totally ambiguous strategies. Was Postle dishonest? If so, how was he pulling it off? Or did Brill have anything towards him? In this week’s Get WIRED podcast we investigate these queries and choose a few facet journeys to understand about RFID chips, poker regulation, and previous Westerns.

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