September 18, 2020

Absurd Planet: WIRED’s Absurd Creatures Evolves Into a New Netflix Series

It started, as several matters do, with a 10-foot marine worm that wields jaws so sharp and impressive they can slice a fish in two. Then came the wasp with a sting so painful that an genuine scientist’s actual advice for individuals who get stung by this matter is to just lie down and scream until eventually the agony subsides. And then there had been the foot-very long snails that are taking in their way by Florida.

Individuals have been just a several of the above 100 entries in my WIRED column Absurd Creature of the Week, which ran in between 2013 and 2016. We designed a internet online video series out of it far too, named Absurd Creatures. And I’m happier than a large earthworm in mud to announce that my toddler is all grown up: Right now Netflix is premiering their all-new docu-collection Absurd World, developed by Condé Nast Entertainment. (Condé Nast owns WIRED.)

It’s more substantial, bolder, absurd…er. And it is penned by professionals who are funnier and significantly less snarky than me, which is awesome. Trust me when I say this: Absurd Earth is the escapism your relatives desires right now. It’s pleasurable as all hell, and educational to boot.

Your manual is none other than Mom Nature, voiced by Afi Ekulona. In excess of 12 wild episodes, she’ll introduce you to some of the strangest critters on Earth, as they battle, make nice, eat each and every other, and—of course—make toddlers.

Speaking of, we have got an exceptional clip earlier mentioned that follows the trials of the huge Pacific octopus, most likely the most focused mom on Earth. Take pleasure in, and keep it weird out there.

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