August 4, 2021

Want to Save on OTC Medication? Ask Your Doctor for a Prescription – LifeSavvy

The whole charm of around-the-counter (OTC) prescription drugs is that you don’t need to have a prescription to get them. In some cases, having said that, having a prescription can preserve you a considerable amount of money of money.

Quite a few situations, when you go to the doctor, they could propose a quickly accessible, OTC medication for whatever’s ailing you. Irrespective of whether you invest in it off the shelf at your nearby Walgreen’s or from driving the counter at the pharmacy, the treatment is the identical, but, in many conditions, the selling price is not.

Let us take the frequent heartburn medication omeprazole (best identified by the brand identify Prilosec) for example. Even though omeprazole is now offered as a generic that is considerably less expensive than Prilosec, it nevertheless prices a good chunk of modify if you have to take the supplements extended-phrase.

If you acquire generic omeprazole off the shelf, a 42-pack of 20 mg tablets (which is three packs of the 14-working day remedy course) will run you about $20. Which is 48 cents a working day for procedure. If you only just take it often (probably a study course or two for each yr to resolve temporary issues), which is not this sort of a massive offer. However, if your health practitioner advises you to take it indefinitely, which is about $173 for each year in OTC treatment fees.

If you talk to your medical doctor to write a prescription for the medication, although, you can have it fulfilled by the pharmacy. This way, you can possibly get your insurance policy price cut for it or use a price cut coupon from a supply like GoodRx.

This minimizes the cost for a 30-day provide of 20 mg products to anywhere concerning $2 to $6, relying on which pharmacy you go to or mail-buy from. It puts your each day treatment charge amongst 7 and 21 cents (or $25 to $75 annually).

Sadly, this will not help you with every treatment. For example, a year’s source of the generic allergy medication loratadine operates about $13 no matter if you acquire it off the shelf or with a prescription.

Still, it is absolutely worthy of the second it takes to check out if you can get your OTC treatment for more affordable with a prescription.

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