Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike guide: how to get the devastating special move

ghost of tsushima heavenly strike
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Finding the Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike shift can revolutionise how you battle the rampaging Mongols, but you have bought to place in some exertion ahead of you can see the terrified whites of your enemy’s eyes snuffed out by your graceful blade. The Heavenly Strike is a single of the game’s 7 Mythic Tales which lends it can be name to the attack, which signifies you’ve acquired loads of hunting, climbing, and scrapping to do before you can understand the speedy, harmful go.

Heavenly Strike will get you out of trouble on lots of instances involving now and your significant showdown with big poor Khotun Khan, if you have the Solve for it: the resource that you use to recover by yourself is used on this go, so it is a chance/reward option to use it. That said, if you do when your foe is staggered, you are going to be dealing really serious hurt. 

However, we’re acquiring in advance of ourselves, so here’s how to obtain the Heavenly Strike white-leafed tree and Shigenori’s Rest so you can incorporate this go to your noble samurai’s repertoire.

Ghost of Tsushima Heavenly Strike: how to commence the Mythic Tale

To begin your mission, as with all Mythic Tales, you must uncover a musician to tell you the legendary yarn – he’s waiting around at a crossroads south of River Falls Bridge and east of Brown River Gorge for this one. As you get to the place, you are going to place your quest giver surrounded by a mess of bodies: someone has got first as they pursue the similar aim as you. To start avenging your fellow Tsushima-dwellers, talk to the musician and head to the bridge indicated on your map owing northwest.

The place to uncover the white-leafed tree in Ghost of Tsushima

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ghost of tsushima white tree location

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ghost of tsushima white leafed tree location

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The moment you have crossed the bridge, head up the hill alongside the path on your remaining. If you fancy a detour and a little health improve, nevertheless, heading ideal qualified prospects you to Carved Mountain Sizzling Spring. Possibly way, head up the route on the still left and you’ll obtain a Torii Gate, which prospects to a Shinto Shrine. These can be identified dotted throughout Tsushima and, soon after some temporary platforming, offers you a distinctive Important Attraction, which itself gives Jin an equippable buff. 

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ghost of tsushima heavenly strike white tree

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ghost of tsushima the heavenly strike walkthrough

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But, a lot more importantly, this is also the path to the Heavenly Strike white-leafed tree, so head up the route at the rear of the gate to get started off. You will soon come across a trouble, however: the route is blocked off by a wooden barricade set on fireplace. Turn all-around to see a semi-hidden path on your appropriate to help you navigate the flaming obstacle. Leap across tree branches and squeeze via gaps to abide by this linear route all the way up to the shrine.

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ghost of tsushima white leafed tree

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ghost of tsushima white tree grove

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As soon as you have gathered your reward from the shrine, search to your suitable to see the white-leafed tree you are on the lookout for. Climb up to it and your objective will update to have you obtain a white tree grove, which you can see by turning right again and seeking back down to ground stage. 

The Heavenly Strike: Shigenori’s Relaxation spot in Ghost of Tsushima

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ghost of tsushima shigenoris rest

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ghost of tsushima shigenoris rest location

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Amid the shiny white grove, you need to obtain Shigenori’s Relaxation. As marked on the map previously mentioned, aim for north of the centre of the searchable region on your map. At the time you are there, glimpse out for a significant felled tree acting as a bridge throughout a slender ravine. Head throughout this to obtain a gap by which you can squeeze to get to the key area. 

Immediately after you have defeated the enemies right here, have on until eventually you come across the duel with Yasuhira Koga in the clearing whole of swords stuck in the ground. Especially if you combat this Ronin early in your adventures, you ought to be more thorough: you can be downed in pretty handful of swings of Koga’s sword. Watch out for his unblockable attacks that are initiated immediately after he sheathes his sword. Dodge these and react with brief counters, bide your time, and Heavenly Strike will inevitably be yours, as well as a quite fetching furry white sword package.

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