March 1, 2021

FIFA 21 skill moves guide: master every trick in the book

(Image: © EA Sports)

With all the inevitability of the setting sun, EA has dropped another FIFA game and with it arrives a few new FIFA 21 skill moves to help you surprise and dominate the competition online. New skills like the Bridge Dribble complement the game’s new Agile Dribbling system, which affords players more control over the ball when they’re attacking, in service of clinical, match-winning runs.

If you want to practice your skill moves ahead of taking your new tricks to the main stage, then you want to head to the Practice Arena, an option on FIFA 21’s main menu. From there you can flick the right stick to change your arena player and keeper – make sure to choose somebody with five-star skills to make the most of the list below. 

Try and add the less elaborate skill moves to your muscle memory, and focus on a few important techniques rather than a range at first, especially if you’re new to the game. Here’s every skill move in FIFA 21.

1 star moves in FIFA 21

2 star moves in FIFA 21

3 star moves in FIFA 21

4 star moves in FIFA 21

5 star moves in FIFA 21

5 star juggling tricks in FIFA 21

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