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Though its equipment aren’t obtainable in the United States, Fairphone is by significantly the most properly-regarded sustainable phone brand name. Its merchandise are uncomplicated to repair service, occur with mad-prolonged warranties, and obtain computer software updates numerous a long time after their release. And now, iFixit’s teardown of the Fairphone 4 demonstrates what suppliers like Apple and Samsung will need to do if they want to make repairable equipment.

Here’s the brief of it—the Fairphone 4 is incredibly easy to just take aside and fix. The display is held with each other with screws, the battery connects with contact details alternatively of wonky cables, and the digital camera array sits on a significant board that’s not possible to set up crooked. All of the phone’s modest components are modular, and disregarding a number of torque screws, you can take this lousy boy aside with a single Philips head screwdriver.

Soon after looking at iFixit’s teardown, I have a experience that most people today could carry out primary Fairphone 4 repairs without any guides. The phone’s interior factors are evidently labeled, and due to the fact the battery is encased in a really hard shell, there’s no possibility of penetrating it and starting a large hearth. Continue to, Fairphone offers a ton of maintenance guides on its YouTube channel, making sure that anyone can fix a Fairphone 4.

There are a number of points we really do not like about the Fairphone 4, particularly its little 3,905mAh battery and lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack. And as iFixit notes, some of the company’s producing procedures, these as combining the rear digital camera and antenna parts, could lead to squander or other troubles if taken to the extreme. (Even though in this circumstance, combining the areas tends to make installing the digicam easier—the video’s right there if you require an clarification!)

iFixit gave the Fairphone 4 an extraordinary repairability score, but I won’t spoil the tale. Look at the teardown video clip now to see the impressive device’s inside structure, which we hope other suppliers will use as a template for their own merchandise.

Source: iFixit

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