The Best Podcast and Livestream Gear (2020): Mics, Stands, and More

While it is ever more possible to file podcasts or stream stay audio on smartphones, it can be frequently a lot quicker, a lot easier, and typically a lot more expert to develop and stream information on a own computer system. The fantastic news is that it would not definitely issue if you have a Pc or Mac, and the wide vast majority of contemporary laptops and desktops are far more than rapidly plenty of for the audio duties at hand.

Having said that, if you’re arranging to livestream video clip or game titles from a Computer system, you will want a impressive computer that allows you to both play the recreation and operate your streaming software. If you prepare to file or edit video, you may also want a speedy laptop for rendering.

Right here are our favourite gaming PCs suitable now, all of which are up to the job. If you want a MacBook, check out our guide that breaks down which is proper for you. Contemplate also developing your very own PC—it calls for a small much more function, but you will get the finest bang for your buck. But if you’re only doing audio recording and processing, any a person of our beloved laptops (or definitely any modern day computer system) will do.

Audio Gear You are going to Need to have

Audio is the most vital part. Here’s what you will want to make absolutely sure your podcast or stream appears the ideal, from microphones to very good headphones.

A USB Microphone

Photograph: Blue

Most designed-in mics on headphones, phones, and laptops do the position for phone calls and Zoom meetings, but they are not pretty as wonderful-sounding for podcast stories or streams. The least complicated way to upgrade your audio is with a USB microphone. These mics plug straight into your personal computer and allow for you to file audio in remarkably large fidelity supplied their ease of set up.

There are many good kinds but also a sea of strange, off-brand types on shops like Amazon. Steer very clear of individuals. My favorites arrive from Blue and JLab Audio. Entry-level mics like the Blue Snowball ($70) and JLab Converse Go ($49) are superior beginner choices.

You can also solution authentic studio-top quality sound if you spring for increased-finish models like the Blue Yeti X ($170) or the Jlab Communicate Professional ($149).

An Audio Interface

Photograph: Focusrite

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