Super73 S2 Review: A Fun but Frightening Ebike

But it kept going on. More than and over, the bike would go to whole throttle, or I might quit pedaling but the bike would not quit accelerating. Other times, I might be pedaling and out of the blue get no electrical power till I blipped the throttle, which would convey the electrical guide back again on. It was acting glitchy all about, which manufactured for a tense trip residence. 

At a crowded intersection, I was at a purple gentle when the bicycle quickly released me into a crowd of pedestrians in the crosswalk. Fortunately, I caught it with the brakes right before I toppled any one. I did some investigation to see if other S2 shoppers were acquiring the identical situation. Sure more than enough, about various forums, persons were reporting the similar throttle woes. This challenge did not show up for the initially few months I experienced the bicycle, but all people rides had been taken on dry streets. As before long as I took it onto a moist road for the initially time, the malfunctions appeared in just 15 minutes.

Super73’s engineers say they couldn’t replicate the problem on my examination bicycle when I delivered it back again, but they suspected it necessary a firmware update. The organization states it has listened to of comparable issues, but that a firmware update need to remedy them. 

I keep on being skeptical. If it is a firmware issue, why would it take place only when roads are damp? It would make me suspect the controller is just not sufficiently waterproofed, but I can’t say that definitively. I questioned the company if it examined the bike in wet ailments, but it did not verify or deny this.

All Kitted Up

Photograph: Super73

It is really tough to get earlier people risky faults, but the rest of the bike feels very well created. Tremendous73 didn’t skimp on the particulars. All the cables and wires from the handlebars are routed by way of the frame, which gives the bike a tidy, cleanse search. The LED headlight is enormous and magnificent for lighting up the road on a dim evening (630 lumens!), and the built-in LED taillight is challenging to skip. The metallic white paint is a very awesome touch as properly, but you can also get it in black or metallic metal. 

The motorcycle-style seat is cozy, but it is non-adjustable and to some degree reduced at 31 inches tall. Super73 states the bicycle matches anyone from 5’1″ to 6’8″ in top. I’m 5’10”, and I now felt like a bear sitting at a faculty desk. There’s a smartphone app that pairs with the bike, but in contrast to manufacturers like VanMoof, you might be not forced to use it to ride the bike. That is very good. I seldom want to trouble with something extra than the Liquid crystal display display on the handlebars.

The S2 is a entertaining bike—one with heaps of electrical power and feels like it need to price more than the $2,695 inquiring value. And I experienced a fantastic time using it … right up until I did not. Super73 would have a suggestion-worthy bike on their hands if it could get rid of the throttle problems and supply a entrance fender that basically performs.

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