Microsoft Office Error 1324 Fix – How to Repair Error 1324 Errors With Office

Error 1324 usually occurs when a user tries to install any of these applications: Microsoft Office 2002, Microsoft Office 2003,and even Microsoft XP. Once the computer comes across the 1324error, the installation will no longer proceed. Error 1324 is caused by invalid characters found in Windows registry. These characters create problems because they hinder proper processing of applications,including their installation. Often, when there are invalid characters in the registry, the computer cannot properly recognize the settings to facilitate the installation process. The system is therefore unable to access its components. There are several ways to solve this error. However, it’s important for users to understand the problem before attempting to fix anything.

Take note that when the computer comes across error 1324, it will display the following messages:

  • Error 1324. The folder path ‘UserName/All Users’ contains an invalid character.
  • Error 1324. The folder path ‘FullFolderPath’ contains an invalid character.

The message specifically tells the users that there are invalid characters in the computer’s registry and installation will not proceed unless these characters have been removed or repaired. Both FullFolderPath” and “UserName/All Users” are classified as directories in the Windows system. It’s important to take note of these directories because they are essential in fixing error 1324. Primarily, error 1324 may be fixed by eliminating the damaged registry keys and replacing them. Logging in as a different user is also a possible solution. If both procedures fail then cleaning the registry is the only way. The succeeding discussion provides a guide on how to go about these troubleshooting procedures.

How To Fix The 1324 Error?

As mentioned, one of the first things to do is to get rid of the damaged registry key. Once the faulty registry key has been removed, Windows will no longer have to deal with it and it will no longer have a hard time processing Microsoft Office. However, users should be extremely careful when removing damaged registry keys. The process is extremely sensitive and one wrong move can jeopardize the system.

To properly eliminate the damaged registry keys go to Start and then select Run. Once the Run box appears, type in “regedit” and then press enter. This will help to open the Registry Editor. Using the editor, go to top toolbar and then select Edit followed by Find. Refer to the dialog box and type in the invalid characters into the find box. Select “find next”. Once the invalid characters have been located, change the values of the characters to their proper equivalent. Press F3 to proceed with the search. Repeat the method and change the value for each invalid character found. Once all characters have been correctly fixed, exit the editor and restart the computer. Install Microsoft Office once more.

This method should help relieve the system from the error because it gets rid of the faulty characters. If the procedure did not work, log into the system using a different user account. It’s recommended to use the administrator account to have more control over the system. The administrator account has privileges including access and permission to install programs which are not otherwise granted to other user accounts. If you still come across the 1324 error, then the last resort is to use a program to clean the computer’s registry. There are many registry cleaners available to download on the net, and most of them will do a good, thorough job of repairing this vital database for you. While they can save you lots of time and effort, remember that it’s best to use one from a trusted source.

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