How To Resolve The "Runtime 61" Error On Your PC – Capacity Full Error Fix

Runtime Error 61 occurs when a storage system or device you are using has reached or is about to reach full capacity. Examples of devices that can suffer from Runtime Error 61 are hard drives and USB memory sticks. A full storage system cannot accommodate any more data and to prevent problems from arising, Windows shuts down all activities related to it and displays the error message on one’s monitor. People who store a lot of data in their computers without periodically removing unwanted files can suffer from Runtime Error 61. To address Runtime Error 61 one needs to free up some disk space which can be accomplished in several ways.

One approach to fixing Runtime 61 error is to uninstall unwanted programs from one’s hard drive. By removing unwanted applications, one can have space for more important programs. The first step in uninstalling unwanted programs is to click Start (which is usually found at the bottom of one’s screen) and then go to Control Panel. Next is to choose Add/Remove Programs (if you’re using Windows XP / Vista Classic CP) or Uninstall Programs (if your O/S is either Windows 7 / Windows Vista). Your computer would then show you the list of programs installed in your computer or PC. Next step is to choose and click on programs that you would want removed. Finally, click Uninstall. After this, programs that you have selected would be permanently removed from your system. It is for this reason that you need to be very sure before clicking uninstall that you have no further need for the applications that you have picked for removal.

You may also want to free up disk space by removing junk files. These are files that you no longer want or need such as downloads. People who surf a lot and download files from the Internet can easily accumulate junk files. To remove these types of files, you can use Frontline Registry Cleaner, which has a junk file remover. This program looks for files that is still linked in the registry but whose presence is no longer seen in the system. Usually, uninstalling unwanted programs and removing junk files done together can generate a lot of disk space helping one substantially address Runtime Error 61.

Another way to fix Runtime Error 61 is to use a registry cleaner. A registry cleaner fixes problems, deletes corrupt and damaged settings in a registry database. A registry works like a main database that contains all the files, information and settings that Windows-enabled computers use to run. It also helps in retrieving and “remembering” important bits of information for both your O/S and software. One flaw of registries is that it is prone to overexpansion or becoming bloated and corrupted, taking up unnecessary space in one’s system. Using a registry cleaner is a fast and efficient way of removing unwanted settings and files thus creating more disk space in one’s system.

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