How To Fix D3D9 DLL Error On Your PC!

D3D9.dll is a system file that is used by the DirectX 9 software. It helps DirectX in collaborating with a number of Windows-based games and other types of multimedia programs. D3D9.dll improves the quality of computer games and multimedia applications.

You would normally experience errors in this file on occasions when Windows is not able to read and run D3D9.dll correctly. This tutorial will teach you the various methods open to us to fix this type of error on your computer.

The D3D9.dll error will typically be displayed on your monitor in this format:

  • “Cannot initialize dinput9.dll”
  • “Fatal Exception error in dplayx.dll”
  • “dplay.dll has performed an illegal operation”
  • “Access violation error in DirectX file D3D8.DLL”

What Causes D3D9.dll Errors?

One of the most common causes of the D3D8.DLL error is the use of an outdated version of DirectX, which can result in compatibility issues. For example, a particular program in your PC requires a certain version of DirectX, but instead you would have a different one installed in your computer. Other causes of the D3D8.DLL errors are missing files, damaged settings and a corrupted registry. When you have this type of error in your system, it is important that you first pinpoint the cause of the problem so that you would be able to correctly determine what course of action to use. This tutorial will show you the various ways on how to repair this error so that normalcy can be restored back to your PC.

How To Fix The D3D9.dll Error

Using outdated or older versions of DirectX is one of the leading causes of this error. Since d3d9.dll is only compatible with DirectX version 9, you need to ensure that you always have the latest version of DirectX installed on your system. If you are not sure that you have the most recent DirectX version on your PC, just follow the steps in the paragraph below to update it.

Click Start on your Windows Bar then choose Run. In the blank box that will be displayed on your screen, type “dxdiag” then press Enter to enable the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window to load. You will know what DirectX version you have installed on your PC by looking at the bottom portion of the window. If you don’t have DirectX 9 in your PC, you need to download the latest version from the Internet. Typically, the d3d9.dll errors will disappear from your system after you have installed the newest DirectX program on your PC.

The registry is another sector in your computer that is a known source of errors such as the d3d9.dll error. The registry performs a crucial role in your computer as it is where all the settings and files that Windows uses for its operations are stored. Whenever Windows will attempt to run an application, it will access this sector to get all the necessary processing information it needs to make the loading successful. However, due to design flaws, the registry gets easily corrupted and damaged. When such things happen, your computer’s speed would dramatically drop and programs would not be loaded correctly, ultimately leading to these kind of errors that you are seeing now. To fix problems in your registry, it is highly recommended that you use a registry cleaner, a unique application that is specially built to scan and repair errors in this sector of your PC.

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