Will Your Cat Eat Your Corpse?

Here’s a morbid hypothetical: Let’s say you died quickly, all by yourself in your home. Would your cat consume you?

It’s a query that is held many a pet operator awake at night time, and a single that is attaining notice many thanks to a modern paper out of the Forensic Investigation Research Station at Colorado Mesa University. Though conducting a review on system decomposition, in individual incidents, forensic researchers unintentionally captured footage of two feral cats feasting on human corpses. Interestingly, the cats picked favorites, just about every returning to their preferred body many moments about the system of numerous months.

“We have this kind of morbid curiosity about what our cats could do to us specified the opportunity,” suggests Dr. Mikel Delgado, a cat habits specialist at UC Davis who was not involved in the research. “Would they get rid of us? Would they snack on our lifeless entire body? And I consider that is why people today variety of latched on to this distinct study, is that it can be morbidly fascinating.”

Now to be very clear, this analyze doesn’t mean that all cats will eat corpses, or even that most cats will. For one particular, the cats in this review ended up feral, and quite possibly hungry. Though there’s no genetic big difference in between feral cats and domestic cats, Delgado believes it is much fewer probably that a nicely-fed housecat would interact in this conduct.

For moral factors, information and facts about this variety of thing tends to occur from unintentional observations like the Colorado Mesa University a person, alternatively than experiments in which researchers unleash housecats on the just lately deceased. (Can you imagine that research proposal?) But the review does supply some appealing insight into cat actions. “As a cat behaviorist, I assume what is definitely intriguing about this review in specific is that we largely believe of cats as predators—as animals who hunt, eliminate, and then take in what they’ve killed,” Delgado claims. “And in this circumstance, it really highlights the reality that they are also scavengers.”

The human body farm discovery despatched Dr. Delgado down a rabbit hole of investigate into the phenomenon of cats consuming dead bodies, which she documented on her website. She observed dozens of circumstances of domesticated cats (and canines) who experienced nibbled on their deceased owners—most of the incidents were being recorded in police reviews.

But Delgado cautioned that this isn’t anything that most persons will need to fret about. The conditions are most frequent amid pet homeowners who have a persistent disease that leads to a sudden death, have free of charge-roaming pets, and who are socially isolated, meaning that yet another particular person would not uncover them 1st in the event of their premature demise. “So there is no purpose for individuals to stress about an epidemic of pets consuming people,” she states. “And the other thing that is significant to identify is that just mainly because animals will eat section of a corpse does not signify that they will eat you when you’re alive.”

To understand extra about the research and what Delgado discovered, check out in the complete dialogue in the movie previously mentioned.

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