January 21, 2021

What Does “NGL” Mean, and How Do You Use It?


Even with NGL’s recognition on Reddit and Twitter, it has not gained the mainstream use of some other abbreviations. NGL stands for “Not Gonna Lie,” and it’s nonetheless popular in a lot of corners of the world wide web.

Not Gonna Lie

NGL is an abbreviation for “not gonna lie.” It’s ordinarily employed at the commencing of a sentence to reveal honesty or vulnerability. Like TBH, NGL’s tone can modify relying on the context. It could be employed to insult anyone, to share your truthful feeling, or to open up up your thoughts.

In most predicaments, NGL is simply just utilized to share your impression. You could say, “NGL, I hate very hot puppies,” or “NGL, metallic straws are as well hard to clean.” But you could also use NGL as a highway for rudeness, flattery, or insult—just as you may use the phrase “not gonna lie” in real daily life.

The Record of NGL


The phrase “not gonna lie,” or “I’m not gonna lie,” originated someday in the last 100 several years. It’s normally been applied to suggest honesty or vulnerability, though it’s frequently thrown about as an vacant colloquialism. In other phrases, men and women frequently say, “not gonna lie” right before or soon after opinions that are not actually deep, damning, or susceptible.

It looks that “not gonna lie” morphed into NGL sometime in 2009 or 2010. That is when the abbreviation was very first additional to the Urban Dictionary and about the time the term started off picking up steam on Google Developments.

Ideal now, NGL is at its peak on Google Trends, which suggests extra men and women are hunting for the term on-line than ever before. NGL appears to be gaining reputation on web-sites like Reddit and Twitter, most likely because of the modern “they experienced us in the 1st 50 %, not gonna lie” meme that was began by Apollos Hester.

How Do I Use NGL?

A man wonders how to use NGL online

Like TBH, NGL is a direct abbreviation of a common authentic-planet phrase. If you know how to use “I’m not gonna lie” in real existence, then you are all established to start utilizing NGL. The word does not observe any strange grammatical rules, so you can just jump into it with your real-earth working experience.

If you needed to convey to a mate you never like ketchup, you could say, “Ketchup is awful, NGL.” Or, if you wanted to insult them for liking ketchup, you could say, “NGL, ketchup is for toddlers.”

NGL, we adore online slang which is centered on serious-world phrases. Other well-known examples include TBH and FWIW, and they can absolutely supercharge your world wide web vocabulary.

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