August 4, 2021

Watching Euro 2020 without cable: all you need to know

Watching Euro 2020 without cable
(Image: © Rob Pinney/Getty Images)

Although it’s a year overdue, Euro 2020 is one of the biggest sporting events this side of the pandemic. With limited crowds now permitted at a number of stadiums across Europe, it might just feel a little bit more normal, but if you haven’t secured your ticket (or aren’t exactly intending to take the flight across the Atlantic, you’ll no doubt be looking for a Euro 2020 live stream at home

However, if you’ve cut the cord and blown the whistle on your cable subscription, trying to find a digital streaming service that carries the Euros in your country might seem like a daunting proposition. There’s no need to worry, though, as we’ve rounded up the very best streaming services for watching Euro 2020 wherever you are.

And, thanks to the fact that Euro 2020 is being broadcast on both ABC and ESPN in the US, all the options below will get you access to everything else available on those networks, too.

Euro 2020 channels in the US

If you’re soccer crazy and want to watch every single game of Euro 2020, then you’ll need access to ESPN and ABC.

ESPN and ESPN2 have a mighty 46 games between them, while ABC has the other five.  That said, those matches airing on ABC will all be simulcast on ESPN3, too.

How to watch Euro 2020 without cable

If you haven’t got cable and aren’t intending to subscribe to a package just for Euro 2020, there are a number of excellent options out there to get you access over June and July.

Below we compare the extra features and introductory offers to take advantage of – especially if you think you’ll be sticking with your chosen provider long-term.

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