July 4, 2020

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: how to complete the Tomb of Eilram puzzle

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: how to complete the Tomb of Eilram puzzle

(Image: © Respawn Amusement)

Remaining a blend of Dim Souls and Uncharted, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order throws a selection of puzzles into the blend on major of its frenetic battle. You are going to use force powers to command these puzzles, from pushing balls all around to pulling on vines and lining up diverse artefacts.

Early on in Fallen Get, you will enter a tomb on the initially world, Zeffo. Unfortunately, the recreation is normally fairly lacklustre when it arrives to signposting puzzle options, so you are going to no question slide foul to the confusing ball puzzle that lets you to escape this historic region.

In this guidebook, we’re heading to present you in straightforward conditions how to escape the Tomb of Eilram on Zeffo, heading by way of just about every crucial phase in detail. 

How to escape the Tomb of Eilram

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order: how to complete the Tomb of Eilram puzzle

(Impression credit history: Respawn Leisure )

Retain progressing by way of Fallen Buy till you achieve Zeffo and Cal unlocks the Drive Push capability down in the Tomb of Eilram. The video game will then immediate you out into a space you have beforehand frequented, the a single in which you fought a Tomb Guardian for the first time (the mechanical robots with the blue core.)

You will have earlier pushed a giant ball onto a slot to open up the way through to the Pressure Push skill. The complete point of this room is to set three balls on to 3 slots so that Cal can go away and reach the elevator. 

The to start with point you have to do is take away the initial ball from its slot and push it down the hill to the place the Tomb Guardian stood. Then force it to the remaining and into the slot which has a included roof. This will open a door at the rear of the aforementioned guardian. Head by means of it and out the other facet to find a climbing wall. Preserve moving up the wall and squish through the limited bits of rubble. You will then see one more blue-hued ball. Thrust it back into the place. 

Now that this ball is down, you will notice there is wind flowing driving where by the 1st ball is slotted. Thrust the 2nd ball to the left of the 1st ball to uncover a ramp that will consider the ball on a monitor and thrust it up with wind to the subsequent level higher than. Then simply just climb up and thrust it into the slot on the 2nd level.

Here’s where by it will get difficult. Now you have to head again in direction of where you acquired Pressure Thrust and search to your left to see a place where by there is a ball on a chain swinging. You formerly used it to cross the hole on your way by the tomb. Now that you have Power Thrust, slam the ball towards the weak-seeking wall to crack it and cost-free the ball. 

As soon as it’s no cost, smash the wall once again and it will enter the original room. Drive it onto the wind tunnel monitor like you did for the 2nd ball, but this time it will go by way of the place you just wrecked with the ball and stop up on the system throughout from the second ball. It will continue to keep looping if you never halt its motion, so use the climbing wall to the left of the very first ball slot to get up there and hold out for the 3rd ball to get there. 

When it does, use R1/RB to sluggish the ball and then Force Push it into the closing slot. Make certain you’re stood on the platform when you do this and it will lift you up to the prime. You will see a flayed bit of metallic you can push to achieve the first elevator which will take you again up to the mainland of Zeffo. Just force the ultimate ball down the track to kickstart the elevator. 

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