August 6, 2020

How to Use Cell Values for Excel Chart Labels

Make your chart labels in Microsoft Excel dynamic by linking them to cell values. When the info improvements, the chart labels routinely update. In this report, we check out how to make both your chart title and the chart information labels dynamic.

We have the sample data under with item sales and the distinction in last month’s product sales.

Sample data of product sales

We want to chart the income values and use the transform values for data labels.

Use Cell Values for Chart Knowledge Labels

Pick out selection A1:B6 and click Insert > Insert Column or Bar Chart > Clustered Column.

Insert Column Chart in Excel

The column chart will seem. We want to add facts labels to show the modify in worth for each individual solution as opposed to last month.

Column chart in Excel

Choose the chart, opt for the “Chart Elements” solution, click the “Data Labels” arrow, and then “More Solutions.”

Add data labels to a chart

Uncheck the “Value” box and examine the “Value From Cells” box.

Show data label values from cells

Pick out cells C2:C6 to use for the knowledge label array and then click on the “OK” button.

Select the cell range to show in data labels

The values from these cells are now made use of for the chart info labels. If these cell values change, then the chart labels will immediately update.

Cell values used for data labels

Backlink a Chart Title to a Mobile Value

In addition to the data labels, we want to hyperlink the chart title to a mobile worth to get some thing extra artistic and dynamic. We will start by developing a handy chart title in a mobile. We want to present the whole product sales in the chart title.

In mobile E2, enter the pursuing system:

="Regular monthly Sales Overall - "&Text(SUM(B2:B6),",###")

This system generates a helpful title that combines the text “Monthly Product sales Complete – ” to the sum of values B2:B6.

The Text function is used to format the amount with a thousand separator.

Create a useful chart title

We now need to have to connection the chart title to mobile E2 to use this text we have made.

Click the chart title, enter = into the System Bar, and then simply click cell E2. From there, press the Enter crucial.

Link the chart title to a cell value

The value from cell E2 is utilized for the chart title.

A creative chart title

If the values in the knowledge range were being to alter, our facts labels and chart title would update to mirror that on the chart.

Utilizing artistic and dynamic labels for your charts, by basing them on mobile values, will acquire your charts over and above the common charts other individuals produce in Excel.

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