May 15, 2021

How to Turn On the Startup Chime on Your New Mac

Since 1984, Apple computer systems performed an endearing audio when run on. This tone became a cultural calling card for the platform, but with the rise of mechanically-booting Macs in 2016, Apple resolved to take out this aspect. If you miss out on the chime, there is a way to switch it back on. Here’s how.

How Does the Modified Location Get the job done?

To flip the chime on, we have to modify a environment in your Mac’s NVRAM (brief for Non-Unstable Random Accessibility Memory) making use of a terminal command. It’s not as terrifying as it sounds, but here’s some background on what is going on.

In a Mac, NVRAM is a smaller amount of money of memory that shops pc-wide settings. It remembers these settings with no electric power, so they are accessible at startup and readily available amongst method restarts.

With the instructions down below, we are changing a placing in NVRAM identified as “StartupMute” that tells the computer no matter whether or not to emit the chime at startup. The ‘sudo’ command is important since ‘nvram’ is a effective command that necessitates superuser permissions to use.

If you’re curious for more details about NVRAM—what it is, and what it does—check out this handy How-To Geek guideline. Also, Apple has extra facts on startup tones and what they mean on its site.

How to Empower the Mac Startup Chime

Very first, start Highlight Lookup by hitting Command + Place on your keyboard. You will see a large search bar pop up in the center of your display.

Apple Spotlight Search Bar

Form terminal and then hit the Return critical.

Launching through Spotlight

This will launch the Terminal application. With its default options, Terminal seems as a window with a black track record.

In the Terminal window, type sudo nvram StartupMute=%00and then strike the Return button.

Mac OS X Terminal Window - Turn on Startup Chime

It will ask you for your password. Type in your password and hit Return once again.

Now restart your Mac and see if it is effective. The chime should really be there.

How to Disable the Mac Startup Chime

If you are tired of hearing your startup chime and would like to disable it again, here’s how to do it.

Launch Spotlight Lookup by hitting Command + Area on the keyboard. You will see a large research bar pop up in the middle of your monitor.

Apple Spotlight Search Bar

Form terminal and hit Return.

Launching through Spotlight

This will start the Terminal app. With its default settings, Terminal appears as a window with a black history.

In the Terminal window, form sudo nvram StartupMute=%01and hit the Return crucial.

Mac OS X Terminal Window - Turn off Startup Chime

If it asks you for your password, variety it in and strike Return.

Now restart your Mac and see if it performs. The chime need to be turned off.

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