How to Find the Serial Number of Xbox Series X|S Console or Controller

You are likely to require the Xbox Collection X|S’s serial variety to verify its guarantee position or to build service requests. We’ll make that easy by demonstrating a couple diverse techniques to find the Xbox Series X|S serial amount.

How to Locate the Xbox Sequence X|S Serial Variety Employing the Console

If you have the Xbox Series X|S with you, there are two straightforward procedures to verify the serial selection. The simplest way is through the application. So, go forward and boot up your Xbox Sequence X|S and open “Settings” on the console.

In circumstance you are not certain how to uncover Settings on your console, press the Xbox button on the controller to open the sidebar.

The Xbox Series X sidebar.

At the time you have opened the Xbox sidebar, push the RB button on the controller to navigate to the past tab on the proper. This will open up the “Profile & System” segment of the sidebar.

"Profile & System" tab in the Xbox Series X sidebar.

In the “Profile & System” part of the Xbox sidebar, scroll down and decide on “Settings.”

"Settings" on Xbox Series X.

When you’ve opened “Settings” on the Xbox Sequence X|S, you can pick the “System” tab in the left pane.

When you've opened "Settings" on the Xbox Series X|S, you can select the "System" tab in the left pane.

Below the “System” website page of the Xbox options, pick out “Console Data.”

Under the "System" page of Xbox settings, select "Console Info."

On the Console Details page in Options, the serial range of your Xbox Collection X|S will appear proper up coming to the identify of the console. You can jot this down someplace and use it to verify the warranty position of the console. We’ll also display you how to examine guarantee info a small later on.

On the Console Info page in Settings, the serial number of your Xbox Series X|S will appear right next to the name of the console.

If you can’t boot your Xbox Collection X|S, you can verify the serial selection on the back again of the console (wherever you plug in the energy cable). The spot of the serial number may differ marginally based on which console you have. The Xbox Sequence X (the just one that has a disc drive and is black in colour) has the serial selection on the black-and-white sticker above the USB ports at the back again. You will find the serial range down below the barcode in the white element of the sticker.

The Xbox Series X has the serial number above the USB ports at the back.

The serial quantity of the Xbox Sequence S (the white color console that doesn’t have a disc drive) is situated previously mentioned the ability socket at the again. You are going to locate its serial amount just beneath the bar code.

The serial number of the Xbox Series S is located above the power socket at the back.

These approaches are straightforward, but they equally call for actual physical access to your Xbox.

How to Uncover the Xbox Series X|S Serial Selection On the internet

In circumstance your Xbox isn’t close to you, there is another way to uncover its serial number. You can only use this technique if you have signed in to your Xbox with your Microsoft account. Most folks do this even though environment up the console, so let’s dive into the method wanted to test the Xbox Series X|S serial range on the internet.

Open up Microsoft’s Devices site and indicator in. Keep in mind that you have to have to signal in with the Microsoft account applied to set up the console.

Click on on your Xbox on the Microsoft Units web site. The name assigned to the console and its design title will be pointed out below, which would make it simple to locate the Xbox.

Click on your Xbox on the Microsoft Devices page. The name assigned to the console and its model name will be mentioned here.

When you’ve chosen your Xbox on Microsoft’s Products page, you’ll see the serial number underneath the “Device Details” part in the “Info & Support” tab.

When you've selected your Xbox on Microsoft's Devices page, you'll see the serial number under the "Device Details" section in the "Info & Support" tab.

The serial selection is most practical to look at the guarantee position of your Xbox, so let us get suitable to that.

How to Test the Guarantee Position of Your Xbox Sequence X|S

The actions to verify the guarantee position of your Xbox Collection X|S are very equivalent to people you followed to see its serial range on line. You can go to Microsoft’s Products page, indicator in, and click on on your Xbox.

Just after choosing your Xbox on the Microsoft Gadgets website page, you are going to see more information about your console, including its guarantee standing. You are going to uncover the guarantee data for your Xbox Sequence X|S in the “Device Coverage” area, which is situated beneath the serial selection.

You'll find the warranty information for your Xbox Series X|S in the "Device Coverage" section, which is located below the serial number on the Microsoft Devices page.

How to Find the Serial Quantity of Your Xbox Sequence X|S Controller

Obtaining discovered the Xbox Series X|S serial variety, there is just 1 additional issue that you must know. The serial selection of your Xbox’s controller is unique than your console’s, so let us swiftly discover that as very well.

If you have an Xbox Wireless Controller (the one particular that ships with Xbox Sequence X|S), the serial range is positioned inside the battery compartment on the foundation of the controller. Flip the controller all around and gently slide the protect upward to open up it.

Gently slide up the battery cover to reveal the batteries powering the Xbox Wireless Controller.

You can now carefully take out the batteries to expose the serial quantity. You’ll find the serial amount on a sticker, printed just down below the bar code.

You'll find the Xbox Series X|S serial number on a sticker, printed just below the bar code.

Now that you have the serial quantity of your Xbox Collection X|S and its controller, be sure to avoid putting up it on the web to ensure that it’s not misused.

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