January 23, 2021

Ghost of Tsushima Legend of Tadayori guide: how to get the archery master’s armor

ghost of tsushima legend of tadayori
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Just can’t come across the Legend of Tadayori map location in Ghost of Tsushima? This is just one impediment of numerous you will need to overcome if you want to develop into a learn of the bow. You are going to also be looking for one of a kind bouquets and partaking in a tense duel on top rated of poring over a mysterious map, so we’re right here to assist if you happen to be caught.

Ghost of Tsushima’s Legend of Tadayori quest is 1 of 7 Mythic Tales, which are lengthier, additional complex quests than your average side things to do. The rewards, however, are inclined to be significantly much more worthwhile, primarily if you are a supporter of ranged battle: the armor of the famous Tadayori raises nocking and reload velocity, boosts Concentration (slowing down time), and restores some Concentration with each individual headshot. So, without the need of further more ado, here’s how to obtain the Legend of Tadayori map area and breeze by means of the relaxation of the quest.

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Ghost of Tsushima Legend of Tadayori: how to begin the Mythic Tale

ghost of tsushima tadayori

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All Mythic Tales begin with you finding a musician who tells you an epic yarn complemented by some stunning hand-drawn-tableaus. This new music gentleman can be discovered southeast of the Tsutsu Bamboo Strike, south of a Mongol-occupied territory, in a clearing surrounded by substantial rocks. You may have been offered this spot by now by some of the unfastened-lipped styles close to Tsushima – interact with ample individuals with a speech bubble earlier mentioned their head and you are going to be pointed in this course inevitably.

Where to look for for violet bouquets in Ghost of Tsushima

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ghost of tsushima violet flowers

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legend of tadayori violet flowers

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Your very first quest objective is to uncover violet bouquets. If you obtain just one on its very own that you can choose up, this isn’t what you might be seeking for: that is just your average little bit of flora that you can trade for cosmetics with retailers in hub spots. What you want is a massive patch of them which will then direct you up a modest mountain. 

The fastest alternative is to test the south side of the searchable zone that will have just been marked on your map. If you are approaching from the south you could have a cliff to climb up, but you will not if you’re arriving from the north. At the time you uncover the violet flowers, following them will choose you up some techniques that wind up a compact hill, identified as the Violet Crown. In the place at the peak, interact with the incense-emitting statue to get your subsequent quest phase.

Ghost of Tsushima Legend of Tadayori map location: wherever to observe the drawing

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ghost of tsushima map location

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legend of tadayori map solution

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Now you’ve got to discover the location indicated by the map you have just been specified, which you can grow and shrink with a swipe of your DualShock’s touch pad. At the bottom of the graphic is your existing posture – as proven by the idol you’ve just interacted with – and a cave entrance just higher than a different discipline of violet bouquets.

If you transform all-around to confront north, you’ll see what the map reveals in-video game. As you descend the Violet Crown and press on in that path, bear still left as you strike the new batch of bouquets. You can climb the cliff faces on the proper, but you want to avoid individuals and keep your eyes peeled for a lit stone construction on the still left, as you’re seeking at the mountain. To the remaining of that is a cave – which is the place you’re on the lookout for. Squeeze via the gap and continue on together the linear route until eventually you attain a clearing.

legend of tadayori ghost of tsushima

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This is Tadayori’s Rest, and as soon as you have investigated the graves on the much side of the area’s entrance, you are challenged to a duel by a soldier identified as Kaede. It is one of the less difficult duels you’ll facial area in the game, so just enjoy for unblockable attacks, get in some swift counters, and you need to be fantastic.

But compared with the other Mythic Tales you’ll come upon, this is not the close of overcome: you have nevertheless obtained to select up the armor and, most importantly, give it a exam generate. To do that you need to head to a mountain major overlooking Azamo Bay to the south of the island. Just just before you get to the gate of this greatly fortified spot, climb up the mountain on your suitable and abide by the fresh new patch of violet bouquets all the way to in which your new threads are sat. Here you are going to get to check out out your new gear on some regrettable Mongols, and the quest is entire.

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