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Stranger Things fans got 1 whopper of a shock on Valentine’s Working day, many thanks to a teaser trailer that lasted fewer than a moment but revealed a tidbit we’ve all been curious about. Is Hopper alive?

Turns out, everyone’s favored Indiana law enforcement main and dad did not perish in the explosion at the close of season a few. But it is not all rainbows and sunshine for the Hawkins native.

In the promo for the approaching season, admirers see Chief Hopper in a operate camp in snowy Russia—confirming former theories that the protective adoptive dad was, in actuality, “the American” discussed in the closing moments of season 3.

Now that supporters know he’s alive, theories about Stranger Issues 4 are appearing everywhere you go and even our have editor-in-chief Jason Fitzpatrick is in on it with a principle of his have.

What are some of the most important theories out there? Select your fighter and put individuals bets on what is to come in year 4.

The Rescue Idea

This concept will come courtesy of our personal fearless chief and Stranger Items fan, Jason. According to our editor-in-chief, period 4 is a perfect set up for a continuing homage to the ’80s in the variety of a lesser-acknowledged teen motion film from the era.

Especially, Jason cites the 1988 film The Rescue as possible inspiration for a story arc in the future period. The film sees four American young people vacation to North Korea to infiltrate a military services base in get to rescue their captive POW fathers. A team of plucky teenagers rescuing a father determine in require sounds like just the type of issue the Stranger Matters kids could locate on their own caught up in, no?


It is unlikely that Eleven and the rest of the crew will just forget about about Hawkins’ previous sheriff, and a rescue mission would surely make for persuasive television. And hey, if four non-superpowered youngsters can sneak into North Korea and make it back again alive, then surely five non-superpowered young children and their superpowered bestie can pull off a trip to Russia.

The Shaved Head Principle

My own favorite concept is 1 that specials with the visible parallels made available in the teaser. ScreenRant writer Jon Barr posits that Hopper now has psychic abilities a la Eleven.

While practically nothing in the short teaser would propose this, Barr seems to Hopper’s hair (or deficiency thereof) as a clue. Just like his adoptive daughter appeared when she to start with escaped and commenced making use of her powers, he also is now bald. Whilst his lack of locks by itself means absolutely nothing, he was subsequent to the reactor when it exploded, and for followers of science fiction, comedian textbooks, or genuinely any sort of fantasy, powers from an incident is a common trope inside of the style.

The Thoughts Flayer Idea

stranger things season 4

On the considerably less cheery facet of points, we have the Thoughts Flayer idea. From the title, it is possible you previously know this strategy is not the ideal just one. It suggests that the Head Flayer was equipped to inhabit Hopper, allowing for him to transportation himself away from the blast of the reactor.

The draw back, having said that, is that Hooper’s intellect could now be managed by the creature, which usually means that if he and El reunite in year 4, it might not be quite.

The Chernobyl Concept

stranger things season four

This principle from Reddit person Gamer_Country is rather a lot what it appears like. Stranger Points 4 will direct up to the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in Russia. The thought is based on the way the former seasons have transitioned between seasons and yrs. Time a single was established in the winter of 1983, time two took put in the slide of 1984, and season a few was set in summer 1985.

If the pattern carries on, spring would be the upcoming period, and the year will be 1986—the identical time as the Chernobyl catastrophe. With Hopper currently in Russia, this idea appears to be far more plausible than ever.

Irrespective of whether you drop in line with one of the theories previously mentioned or you have your personal, 1 well known concept has been confirmed: Hopper is alive. Which is good enough for now.

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