October 20, 2020

Death Stranding weapons guide: best weapons for keeping BTs and MULEs at bay

Death Stranding weapons guide

(Impression: © Kojima Productions)

Firstly: you don’t necessarily require to use weapons in Demise Stranding. They’re helpful to get out of a restricted spot, and it is absolutely really worth carrying 1 at all periods, just in situation. But there are very couple sections in the activity where by there isn’t an option, pacifist avenue available.

That getting claimed, it is essential that you know what each and every weapon does, and, much more importantly, which types are garbage (see: most of them). 

Here’s a information to the weapons actually well worth crafting in Loss of life Stranding, and when to use each and every personal a person. 

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Hematic grenades

When there are numerous styles of grenades in Death Stranding, these are the greatest types. Containing Sam’s blood, they have no effect on human enemies, but can completely annihilate BTs. They are your complete best wager in opposition to Loss of life Stranding’s Beached Issues until eventually you unlock your umbilical twine snipper later on.

Assault rifle

Great towards BT enemies, as Sam can infuse the bullets with his blood, which is lethal to them. Even though there are specific aspiration sequences afterwards in the game where common assault rifles are vital, which we won’t go into in the desire of refraining from spoiling everything, you should never ever use them against regular human enemies. 

If you get rid of a MULE, their body will start out to necrotize and will ultimately explode until you dispose of the system, which is a great deal of unwanted effort. You never want to be leaving craters all throughout America when you’re meant to be reconnecting it, and you should really be offering offers to people today in need to have, not half-decomposed bodies to incinerators.

Non-deadly assault rifle

Precise same as the standard assault rifle, besides it only knocks MULEs out, that means you do not want to thoroughly clean up the mess afterwards. Also respectable in opposition to BTs at the time you infuse the bullets with blood.


Similar as both equally of the higher than, besides much, a great deal superior at near range, Remember: not for use on everyday people. If you ignore this information, you will regret it. Trust us.

Bola gun

Only for use on MULEs. Outstanding non-deadly weapon that ties enemies up and renders them helpless on the floor. It is fairly entertaining to check out them drop to the ground like a sack of potatoes. 

Grenade launcher

Late-recreation weapon which is certainly essential for getting down even larger non-human enemies later on in the game. No spoilers.

Rocket launcher

Exact same as higher than, but even much better. The rocket launcher is the most highly effective gun in the recreation.

Death Stranding weapons guide

(Picture credit history: Kojima Productions)

They are not all winners

Regrettably, any weapon not stated previously mentioned probably won’t verify to be much use to you. There are other grenades that you can use to stun, blind, or distract enemies, but usually you’re superior off either totally keeping away from them or producing confident to knock them out (or eliminate them in the scenario of BTs). 

Typically, eschewing weapons for stealth ways yields far improved final results, and often finishes up currently being more quickly, irrespective of getting to consider the scenic route. Nevertheless, if you want to go in guns blazing, or obtain you caught in the center of enemy traces, obtaining access to the higher than weapons will get you back again on keep track of in a pinch.

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