April 21, 2021

dbrand Unveils Its, Uh, Totally Legal Animal Crossing Switch Skin – Review Geek

Alright, I gotta make this fast. You know that distinctive version Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch, the a single with the lovable blue and eco-friendly shades? Yeah, dbrand is advertising a minimal Nintendo Change skin that, uh, does not glance just about anything like the distinctive ACNH Swap. It is called the (not) Animal Crossing pores and skin, and it prices $40.

Sure, which is highly-priced, but you’re acquiring the entire bundle below. You get two pairs of JoyCon skins, a skin for your dock, and a microfiber cloth to wipe the snot off your eyeglasses, or what ever. If you want to seize some added merch for your law-abiding close friends, you can shell out dbrand an more $13 for two extra pairs of JoyCon skins. Simply call it the pals and household low cost.

Two things could transpire nowadays. Both dbrand will run out of its (not) Animal Crossing pores and skin, or the enterprise will be hit by a cease and desist get the dimensions of a meteor. In other terms, if you want this skin, you improved purchase it ideal now. Just really don’t tell everyone that you read it from me, dig?

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