June 16, 2021

A YouTube Modder Stuffed an N64 Into an Oversized Game Boy Advanced Case – Review Geek

One of the ideal items about the Nintendo Swap is how you can select it up and choose it with you. You’re not stuck actively playing your video games on a Television. A YouTuber who goes by GmanModz followed that assumed method and stuffed a Nintendo 64 into a custom-printed outsized Recreation Boy Progress scenario, and boy, it appears marvelous.

You might be contemplating, “Why not use a Raspberry Pi to emulate an N64 and help you save a large amount of hard work?” Very well, environment aside the lawful concerns bordering emulations and ROMs, it turns out that emulating the N64 is extremely really hard to do, even with potent hardware.


That amount of difficulty usually means utilizing original Nintendo 64 components is occasionally an a lot easier proposition them making an attempt to emulate the hardware. Of system, “easier” is relative, due to the fact from what we can see, this mod is nearly anything but straightforward.

To achieve the black magic of earning a portal Nintendo 64, GmanModz experienced to take out the N64’s PIF chip and rewire it somewhere else. The PIF chip is dependable for interfacing with controllers and managing stability measures observed on N64 game cartridges, but its locale tends to make modding challenging.  It operates along the edge of the motherboard and will take up sufficient place to limit how little you can make an N64 mod.

Relocating the chip solved that problem, but that was not the conclusion of the wiring occupation. GmanModz also added USB-C Power Supply charging, a custom amp to increase audio, and a customized screen. He 3D printed a big case in the model of the Video game Boy Highly developed SP, additional controls and buttons, and even made use of springs from original Sport Boy hardware to assistance with hinge responsibilities.

The final result is almost nothing quick of astounding, even though it does overlook out on some of the N64’s unique controls, like the grip Z-Set off. A mod like this isn’t for the novice, but if you have the chops, you can observe for a far more comprehensive guidebook on the process to arrive.

For absolutely everyone else, we can search on in envy. Or settle for a Nintendo Change. Yeah, that’s in all probability less difficult.

Resource: GmanModz by way of Gizmodo

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