Vilo Mesh Router Review: Dirt Cheap and Reliable

Finding into the weeds of its requirements for a moment, the Vilo routers support IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac. There is no guidance for the hottest ax common, also recognized as Wi-Fi 6. Which is not a large deal considering you have to have to improve all your products to permit Wi-Fi 6, but it would’ve been a awesome addition for future-proofing. Protection-smart, it doesn’t use the newest WPA3 protocol, but WPA2 (Wi-Fi Safeguarded Accessibility 2) as an alternative. Like Wi-Fi 6, WPA3 is even now fairly new, so this is not surprising. But it does make passwords more challenging to crack and connections to products with out screens less complicated and extra protected, so it’s an upgrade you preferably want. 

Each individual router has 4 inner antennas and supports multiuser, numerous-input, a number of-output (MU-MIMO), which makes it possible for it to much better take care of many gadgets connecting to the router at the same time. There’s also beamforming to concentrate the wireless sign toward products. 

The Vilo procedure has band steering turned on by default, which implies it picks the band (2.4 GHz or 5GHz) it thinks is ideal for each machine, but the two surface as the very same community identify. This can produce complications when setting up sensible property products. My Nanoleaf gentle panels, for instance, link only to 2.4 GHz but also need to have the cellular phone that’s setting them up to be linked to the identical band. Luckily, Vilo makes it possible for you to toggle band steering off, so you can break up the bands, which I did quickly to set up a handful of equipment in advance of turning it on yet again.

Your mileage will vary dependent on your set up. The limitation for me is the world-wide-web pace coming into my dwelling, but the Vilo method does a wonderful occupation of spreading offered bandwidth, and I haven’t experienced any random disconnections in a few weeks of testing. That is not to say I haven’t experienced any concerns.

The Catch

The app is slick, but it can be sluggish to load or update after you make changes. From time to time it takes a several minutes to update with the present status. Even immediately after you’ve properly transformed some thing, it can choose a while to present up accurately. 

Through setup, to prevent reconnecting my multitude sensible residence equipment, I prepared to give the Vilo procedure the same title and password as my past Wi-Fi community. However, it refused to settle for the password and failed to do the job. The superior information is this turned out to be a bug the business swiftly mounted by using a firmware update.

There is also no way to drive a connection to a distinct router. This is not ordinarily a issue, mainly because devices connect to the closest solution for the very best probable velocity, but my desktop Computer system stored connecting to a router farther absent on the 2.4-GHz band as an alternative of the nearest on the 5-GHz band like I would anticipate. A firmware update enhanced this too, though it continue to often connects to the router upstairs. 

Due to the fact the corporation is so new, it is really ordinary to see a couple kinks like this, but it’s nice to see Vilo active at addressing them quickly. With any luck ,, that proceeds during the router’s shelf daily life.   

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