Tao Clean Sonic Toothbrush Review: Zaps Germs After Each Use

As invisible threats like coronavirus and disorder-resistant staphylococci close in, we uncover ourselves in an age exactly where one simply just can not be too cautious. And nonetheless, right here we are, pretty much all of us brushing our tooth just a several feet away from the toilet.

I’ve extensive relied on the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum as a fast correct for this kind of difficulties. This handy unit bathes a pair of toothbrush heads in ultraviolet light-weight, zapping germs and trying to keep the brush heads in a sealed chamber until finally their upcoming use.

The Philips process performs great—or, at least, it functions fantastic at preserving me from fretting about airborne feces on my toothbrush. But it does have a single flaw. It’s pretty homely, better suited in structure for a dentist’s place of work than a consumer’s rest room.

With its Sonic Toothbrush, Tao Clear aims to merge fashion and purpose, radically rethinking the digital toothbrush with style squarely in head, while outfitting it with a similar UV-dependent cleaning procedure.

The style and design of the base station—which costs and cleans the toothbrush—lands somewhere among a one bud flower vase and a miniature nuclear cooling tower. When completed brushing, you only fall the brush head down via the best of the base, which activates a ring of UV-C lights inside of, bathing the brush head in germ-killing energy for 5 minutes. A heat-based drying system sucks out lingering moisture, even more stalling bacterial advancement. (Complete disclosure: I didn’t do any petri dish lab testing to evaluate how a lot germs had really been slain.)

To thoroughly clean the brush head, you flip the brush upside down and put it into the cleansing chamber of the foundation station. Sanitization takes 5 minutes.

Photograph: Tao Clean 

The brush component is a standard ultrasonic variety (the corporation states it vibrates at 40,000 strokes for each minute), with two electric power settings available. The design of the brush is equally ahead-considering, although with its odd taper at the base and prime-heaviness, it can really feel rather unbalanced whilst brushing. Throughout standard use, I discovered the brush efficient at cleaning, nevertheless the odd style and design made it a little bit far more awkward than I’d like when reaching back again to the farthest recesses of my mouth. As is typical with digital toothbrushes, a brief pause each 30 seconds nudges you to move to a further area—and the brush cuts off routinely following two minutes.

Also of be aware: The program is available in 4 hues, like a placing rose gold option, every single with the base matched to the brush.

Right after numerous days of use, I tailored to the brush’s odd equilibrium, and I arrived to like the Tao technique quite properly when brushing my tooth. From an success standpoint, it feels on par with my Sonicare.

I do, nevertheless, have two grievances. Very first, it’s clearly crafted for just one person and one particular man or woman only. Though you can change the brush head effortlessly, the head has to be connected to the brush in purchase to use the cleaning technique, which usually means if you want to share it with a companion you will need to have to brush your enamel on significantly unique schedules if you both want clear brush heads. This is not feasible for most, which means couples will have to spend in two devices, which will take in a huge amount of counter place. (The Tao Cleanse is not the most compact of programs.)

My 2nd and a lot more troublesome issue will involve the overuse of lighting effects on the system. While the UV technique only runs for 5 minutes, the Tao Cleanse gadget is protected with added lights which under no circumstances truly shut off. There’s a mild on the finish of the brush and a quarter-sized light on the entrance of the foundation station, and these are on 24/7. It is not just a squander of energy, it’s a big nuisance if your toilet is related to your bed room, placing out so considerably mild that I could quickly examine by it in the darkish. I in the long run had to drape a towel above the Tao immediately after hours, but that is almost certainly not the aesthetic the company is soon after.

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