What’s a Run Time Error in My Browser, and How Do I Fix It?

Troubleshooting something unknown is quite absurd much more when it involves computer and technology. For this, diagnosing the problem is necessary. Computers and web browsers often get into trouble while in the middle of its operation. Having inadequate knowledge in troubleshooting will only produce horrible outcome.

Computers and browsers vary, thus, the problems affecting them also differ. Nevertheless, run time error is the common problems most browsers endure. Fixing this error is taxing if users have no idea what it is. Therefore, before attempting to troubleshoot the problem it is essential to have adequate knowledge.

Runtime is a set of code libraries generated by an application when users execute its use. These errors often occur when these code libraries are unavailable or perhaps corrupted, causing the applications to crash. For this, users will receive a crash report or error notifications will pop-up on the screen depending on the browsers used.

Run time errors come in two types: the Server-side and the Client-side. Client-side run time errors, often occur when code libraries are unavailable during the execution of a certain application installed in the user’s PC. Server-side runtime errors, however, come from a certain programming generated from a remote host such as websites.

When these errors occur, notification on the screen will appear. For this, users need to make some changes on the browser’s settings to ensure the program will run smoothly. Take note, web browsers vary, thus, procedures of fixing runtime error also differs. Each browser has its own way of troubleshooting these errors; thus, users need to identify their browser first.

For Internet Explorer, error notifications always appear on the screen every time runtime errors occur. In fixing this, users must click the Tools tab. Once it is open search for the Internet Options tab and then click. An Internet Option dialogue box will pop-up, look for the Advanced Tab and click it. Several check boxes will appear which contain various functions of Internet Explorer.

When debugging options appear, users need to check on the desired settings they choose whether they will debug Internet Explorer or other browsers, next is to uncheck the box with Display a notification about every script error. To ensure a smooth and uninterrupted browsing using Internet Explorer is to click Apply then, OK for the activation of the new settings.

The above-mentioned simple steps will help users get rid of runtime error in their browsers, especially Internet Explorer users. However, to solve the entire runtime issue, users need to apply runtime fix on their computer to solve this problem completely.

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