Runtime Error 7 Fix – How To Repair Runtime Error 7 Quickly On A Windows PC

The Runtime Error 7 error occurs in Visual Basic computers wherein you will see the message, “Runtime Error “7″: Out of Memory”, displayed on the screen. When this happens, you will encounter problems when opening the Bound Text property of the Data Combo of Visual basic code. When you scroll down the elements on the list, the error will suddenly appear. However, do not be alarmed. This error does not literally mean that there was a loss of memory. There is a simple way to repair this problem and avoid further damage.

What Causes Runtime Error 7?

When the error appears, there are a couple of possible implications. One, the FM20.dll file could be signified as having been damaged or corrupted. This file functions as a helper in Visual Basic when encoding features and settings in the programs you are using. Two, since this particular file can only function in Visual Basic, the file can be incompatible or can be unsupported by the present interface of the computer system. There are certain steps the user can do to fix these. Here are the things to do.

How To fix Runtime Error 7

The FM20.dll is one of the many Dynamic Link Library files that commonly cause error warnings to appear on the screen. These files contain specific functions that are applied to different kinds of applications. To prevent them from causing damage, remove the DLL files responsible.

First, open the Command Prompt. Simply type in “cmd” in the box that appears after selecting RUN; at the command prompt, put in “regsvr32 /u fm20.dll” and press ENTER to confirm the command. Press OK if a message shows up saying that the DLL is not registered.

Next, go to SEARCH and look for Comctl32.ocx. Look thoroughly and once found, delete this file. Next, replace the deleted file manually. Note you will need to download the file as well. Unzip the old Comctl32.ocx file to the hard drive of the computer. Find the location of the current Comctl32.ocx file and rename it with Comctl32BACKUP.ocx. Once this is done, copy & paste this file into the folder named “C:WindowsSystem32”. Then, go to START and select RUN. Type “cmd” to start the command prompt and then put in “regsvr32 Comctl32.ocx”. Exit prompt and restart your computer.

Finally, you need to run a registry cleaner after doing the instructions above. The root of the error could be from the registry database. Often, the files in the registry become damaged and users usually overlook checking the data stored there. A trustworthy product, the Frontline Registry Cleaner, can scan the registry for issues and repair them as well without any more hassle.

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