Runtime Error 1507 Fix

Runtime Error 1507 is an error that’s typically caused by the incompatibility of your software to work along-side each other. The most common reason for this error to show is actually down to the way in which your hardware will not be able to run the specific commands of the application / game you wish to operate. Although this most commonly shows when playing games, it can also show when you browse the Internet, try and make videos, or just when you want to use your PC.

The error you’re experiencing will generally be the result of problems with the various important settings inside the Windows system – which will prevent your computer from being able to run a specific graphical function. To fix this, you have to first look at what is causing the error, and then how to resolve those potential problems.

This error will generally show this message:

  • “Runtime error 1507 – display using 32-bit is not supported by available hardware at line 1582″.

The bottom line with the error is that your computer will have problems with the software you wish to run, as well as a number of other parts of your PC.

How To Fix Runtime Error 1507

1) Re-Install The Graphics Driver For Your Computer

The main issue that causes the 1507 error is that the graphics driver of your computer will be corrupted or incompatible. This problem has been a major concern for the past few years, as graphics drivers have become increasingly complex. To resolve this error, you have to uninstall this driver – which can be done by first clicking onto “start”, selecting “Control Panel” and then picking “Add / Remove Programs”. This will show you all the programs that are installed, allowing you to remove the driver you have.

If you’re a computer novice, a good trick here is to look out for these two programs:

  • NVIDIA Desktop Manager
  • ATI Catalyst

These are the two main graphics drivers that you will have on your PC, and so you should remove the one that you have.

2) Clean Out Any Registry Errors On Windows

It’s recommended that you also clean out any potential registry errors that your PC may have inside. The problem here is that many computer programs use the “registry” of your PC too much, which will lead your system to become highly erroneous and corrupted; leading the 1507 error to show. It’s recommended you fix the problems that Windows has inside the registry by downloading a “registry cleaner” tool from the Internet, and then installing it on your system. This will get rid of any of the potential problems with the settings of your PC, and ensure that your computer is able to move forward with the processing of its files again.

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