Quicktext Thunderbird – How to Install and Use Quick Text

Quicktext Thunderbird is an extension that enhances one’s email experience. The application, originally designed for open-source email program Thunderbird, now works with Windows Outlook or Mail.app. Quicktext Thunderbird makes replying to several emails with similar but personalized answers an easy task.

Installing the program, which will be explained later, will save you time and allow you to focus your attention on more important matters. Quicktext is highly recommended for people such as customer service representatives, website authors, or anyone who expects a barrage of queries through email after posting a personal ad.

Quicktext Thunderbird is free software but you could avail of the paid version, Quicktext Pro, which has some additional features. Try the free Quicktext now to see what it is about. Quicktext works with both Mac and PC email applications but the following instructions are for those using Thunderbird.

How to Install and Use Quicktext Thunderbird

  1. Download Quicktext.xpi and save to computer. Click Install and look for the .xpi file you just saved. Click Install Now then restart your PC.
  2. Start preparing your Quicktext Responses by returning to Thunderbird and clicking the button for composing a new email. Go to Tools and select Quicktext. Create a group (for a specific query, for instance) by clicking Add. Label the group.
  3. Click Add again then Text to start entering templates of your Quicktext responses. Create variations and label accordingly.
  4. Test by going to your Inbox and locating an example email of the query you just prepared. Note that when you click reply, a dropdown button will let you select the proper response.

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