How to Repair a Registry – Or Not

Windows computers come with this wonderful error generating piece of software known as the registry. If you search for a solution to your computer problem, you will find that a gazillion sites will offer to repair anything from Blue Screens to toenail fungus using registry cleaners. So why did Microsoft create this diabolical device? Is it to promote registry cleaner sales or to hasten the move to the next version of Windows?

The Truth About the Registry

The truth is that the registry is a valuable database that is a major part of the Windows operating system. Today’s complex programs and systems need a place to keep settings and information about their operations. These settings may vary from user to user and from stage to stage of a program. These settings and values are kept in the registry. In order to not have to reprogram the program for each variation, the logic to handle multiple scenarios is built in and the program will work differently depending on which selection was chosen. Many sensitive operations of programs and systems depend on registry values and bad or missing values can totally knock a computer out of service.

How to Know if You Have a Registry Error

The sad answer is that unless you have a very unique problem that points to a registry issue, you can’t know. However, if you report a problem to some answer site such as Yahoo Answers, you will find people that suggest registry repair programs for anything and everything. They will even suggest registry repair when you can’t get you system to boot and have no reasonable way of getting to your registry.

Registry Repair Programs

There is a plethora of registry repair programs. A great number of them are more harm than good. Regcure has come in for censure for causing a Vista system to revert to Windows 2000 performance and other problems. Registry Mechanic was panned by PC World. Ccleaner is a free registry repair program that generally gets high marks.

The Best Repair Method

Since you can’t really know when you have a registry problem and many registry repair programs are downright dangerous, using a more general and intelligent tool is the way to go. Reimage is a powerful program that corrects Windows errors for all the major Windows operating systems including Windows 7, Vista and XP. It won’t just tinker with your registry but it will examine and fix all Windows system programs and components and also correct registry problems when appropriate. If you want the best solution to Windows problems and registry repair, Reimage is the way to go.

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