Fix Sims 3 Error Code 16 in Windows 7, Vista and XP

Avid gamers may knowledge mistake code 16 though they are saving a sport in Sims 3. This report gives answers for correcting Sims 3 error code 16 in Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Troubleshooting Pointers:

1. Preserve the match again with a distinctive file title
2. Repair service the Registry by Cleansing Sims 3 Entries
3. Delete the Contents of Sims 3 Cache Folder
4. Delete Particular Saved File

Preserve the Sport all over again with a Different File Identify

You may possibly working experience Sims 3 mistake code 16 when the existing activity file saved will get corrupted. Conserving the same recreation with a various file identify could take care of your difficulty.

1. Open Sims 3 match by double clicking its desktop shortcut.
2. Find the game that you wish to perform.
3. Do not use the Save button. Instead, simply click the Preserve As button in order to conserve the match with a distinctive file title.
4. Offer a new name for the file. It should not be the one particular that you assigned to the existing information.
5. Simply click Help you save to affirm.
6. A new file with the most recent title would be quickly established.

Repair service the Registry by Cleansing Sims 3 Entries

Junk facts stored in Sims 3 registry entries is discovered to be the most top issue liable for Sims 3 mistake code 16. Fix the registry by cleansing up the junk information stored in Sims 3 registry hives.

There are two strategies of performing this process- manually or working with a registry cleaner. Considering the fact that most of us are not computer savvy and the latter possibility is safer.

Delete the Contents of Sims 3 Cache Folder

The cache folder could comprise some data files which are corrupted major to Sims 3 mistake 16 in Home windows 7, Vista or XP. Delete all the files inside of this folder in get to take care of the trouble.

1. Exit the match.
2. Simply click Commence | My Documents.
3. Open up the following listing:
EA GamesThe Sims
4. Delete the files Teams.cache and
5. Restart the match.

Delete Particular Saved Data files

Delete the documents and rename the directories specified down below. It will fix the Sims 3 mistake 16 in Windows 7, Vista or XP.

1. Exit the match.
2. Click on Start | My Paperwork.
3. Open up the next directory:
Electronic ArtsThe SimsSaves
4. Press Ctrl + A and then Ctrl + C. Limit the window and build a folder identified as Backup on your desktop. Open up it and click Ctrl + V to backup the contents for stability.
5. Restore the minimized window.
6. Delete the following information:
Sunset Valley.sims3
Sunset Valley.sims3.backup
Sunset Valley.sims3.lousy
7. Rename the folder Sunset Valley.sims3.legacy as Sunset Valley.sims3.
8. Employing the Sims 3 Launcher, update your sport to the variation 1.7.
9. Restart the video game.

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