Fix Runtime Error 217

Are you experiencing runtime error 217 on your personal computer and looking for an easy solution to fix this annoying problem? Do not worry. There are a few steps that you can take to solve this error which occurs due to certain errors within the operating system. For instance, you may receive this error due to incorrectly registered DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files.

Error 217 can be resolved by reinstalling the application, defragmenting hard drives and cleaning Windows registry. There are also some other techniques that you can use to fix this problem. Here are these techniques given:

Update Msvcrt.Dll file

Runtime error 217 can be due to outdated Msvcrt.dll file. You can solve this problem by updating your operating system with latest hotfixes. Another solution to this problem is to copy this file from your friend’s PC. You can also download this file from Internet.

Adjust Date and Time of your system

Another reason behind Windows error 217 can be incorrect regional settings. When date does not match the location from where you are browsing, this error may occur. To adjust date on your system, perform steps given below.

1. Double click on Time on your taskbar.

2. Under date and time, select appropriate date and under time zone, select your location.

3. Close Date and Time properties.

Update MS DCOM file

Download an updated version of MS DCOM file on your system from Microsoft website. It’s another tip to resolve runtime error 217.

Check for Stdole32.dll file

Runtime error 217 can appear due to missing Stdole32.dll. You can fix this issue by downloading this file from Microsoft library.

Scan system for Viruses

System error 217 can be due to virus infection in your system. Viruses add malicious code to registry entries. To avoid virus infection you need to scan your system for viruses and clean all those infections using some sophisticated antivirus software.

Update device drivers

Outdated device drivers can result in different error messages including runtime error 217. To solve this problem you need to update device drivers. Below are given steps to do that.

1. Right click on My Computer.

2. Select Properties.

3. Click on Hardware | Device Manager.

4. Note down the name of device.

5. Right click on it and uninstall its driver.

6. Close device manager Window.

7. Open web browser (IE,FF, Chrome, Safari)

8. Search for latest drivers and download on your system.

9. Restart your system.

Fix Windows Registry

Invalid registry entries often result in runtime errors. Windows registry is database where sensitive information is stored in form of keys and entries. To fix registry related issues, download a reliable system utility program that includes registry cleaner and PC optimizer. Scan and repair Windows registry using the program. It will hopefully get rid of the problem you are facing.

Defrag Hard Disk

Your PC comes with a pre-installed tool known as disk defragmenter on your system, using that tool you can defrag your hard disks. This is another way to avoid runtime errors. Below are steps.

1. Click on Start button | All Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Disk Defragmenter

2. Select your disk partition and start defragmentation.

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