DLL Error Repair – How to Fix a Run DLL Error on Startup

Why do you get a Run DLL Error at Startup?

If you are getting a Windows system error such as Run DLL Error whenever you start your computer system, this is may be an indication that a virus file has been deleted from the machine by an anti-malware program. This usually starts after running an antivirus or anti-spyware application software. This action unfortunately, stops the affected drive from loading and has left some orphaned entries in the Windows system registry. This entries need to be cleaned out.

Please note that not all DLL errors are related to malware removal. The possibility that the error is related to the removal of a malicious program becomes high, if the error started after running an antivirus software application on your PC. If you are not sure, you can check the affected.DLL file name on ProcessLibary.com.

How did the computer get corrupted?

A virus or malware was attached to your Windows registry database by a computer worm. Such malware normally affects Windows operating systems. Some servers including Windows server 2000 and 2003 may also be infected. The implication of this is that, anyone connected to a network or anyone who uses the Internet frequently is susceptible to computer malware attacks.

You may have innocently downloaded a harmful file from the Internet onto your computer. Once such a file is executed, it will create an entry in the system registry and also modify your system files.

After this entry is created, the virus is automatically launched at start-up because the harmful file has attached itself to the userinit registry key. In simple terms, your computer start-up process has been hijacked by the virus.

If you run an antivirus program, this file would be recognised as harmful and would be deleted from your system. However, the system registry is already modified and therefore corrupted.

How to fix a Run DLL Error at Startup

Ordinarily, performing a system restore would restore your system to an earlier state before the problem occurred. However, in a case like this, you may not be able to resolve this particular error by performing system restore. The reason is that, if your antivirus program had removed the virus, you would re-infect your system and the problem will not go away but get worse.

It is possible to solve this problem manually by going into your system registry to modify or remove the corrupt entry. However, as much as it is easy to change system files by yourself, it is also very easy to mess up your whole PC system. Therefore, there is a need to be very cautious and be sure you know what you are doing before trying to modify the computer registry.

An extremely easy way to ensure all issues are solved once and for all is to, use legitimate and professional online software to scan, analyse and repair the damages done to your precious machine. This way, you can return the system back to normal or to a better state.

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